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W-Beam Guardrail

The W-beam guardrail is a cost-effective longitudinal barrier designed to reduce the severity of run-off-road collisions. The rail works to prevent errant vehicles from impacting roadside objects and minimizing the possibility of vehicle turnover. This W-beam guardrail has become one of the most common Armco barriers for highways all over the world due to its excellent quality, reliable performance, high durability, and low cost.

Why W-beam Guardrails?
W-beam highway guardrails have been proven highly effective in reducing the severity of traffic accidents. A recent Transportation Research Board study shows that this two-wave guardrail is at least 97% effective in reducing injuries and fatalities.

Why Tongya Guardrails?
By maintaining a large inventory of W-Beam Guardrails, we can quickly supply customers small or large quantities of these highway safety products at highly competitive prices. Additionally, field installation service is provided for both domestic and international projects. We can also modify our product designs to meet the standards set by any country or international authoritative institutions.

W-Beam Guardrail Specifications
This two-wave guardrail is an optimal choice due to its high safety performance, great strength, high durability, and cost effectiveness.

1. Rust-resistant zinc coating, aluminum coating, PVC-coating available
2. Q235, Q345 and other materials available
3. Guardrails with customized length available
4. Zinc-coated and weathering steel w-beam guardrail available
5. Guardrails with customized length and post-holes available

Applications of Steel W-Beam Guardrail
Our steel crash barriers are commonly installed besides motorways and secondary roads to protect overturned vehicles from roadside hazards. They are applicable to the following locations.

Parking Lot
Our two-wave guardrail offers highly effective shielding in parking lots to guard vehicle against such hazards as light poles, buildings, ditches, etc. With special end treatments, our guardrail is ideal for areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Bridges and Embankments
W-Beam guardrail for bridges and embankments provide a lifesaving shield for people and prevent accidental falls into dangerous areas below bridges (rivers, railroad tracks, other roads, etc.)

Parks and Recreation Areas
Guardrails can be used to demarcate parks and recreational areas, protecting property or wildlife. They can be installed alongside cliffs and other potentially dangerous areas to prevent accidents.

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