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Thrie Beam Guardrail

Among our steel guardrails, this steel thrie beam guardrail is a premium highway safety product designed with a three-wave shape which, compared with the traditional W-beam, has added corrugation.

Specifications of Steel Thrie Beam Guardrail
Shape: Three waves;
Material: Q235, Q345 etc;
Surface: hot dipped galvanized steel, Aluminum coating, or PVC-coated;
Standard: AASHTO M-180, EN1317, RAL-RG620, JT/T 281-1995, JT/T 281-2007, JT/T 457-2007, SPS98S, EU, USA, AS/NZS, or any other International Standards.

Thrie Beam Guardrails Available
Depending on the surface treatment, we can classify these three-wave guardrails into three types: hot dip galvanized (Zinc-coated), aluminum coated, and PVC coated types as shown in pictures below:

  • Galvanized Thrie Beam Guardrail
  • Galvanized Thrie Beam Guardrail

When it comes to shapes and sizes, this highway guardrail can be manufactured depending on the intended application. To satisfy the needs of the highway barrier market, we provide customers with straight thrie and curved thrie beam guardrails with designated sizes. Furthermore, connecting parts ensuring a smooth transition from W-beam to thrie beam guardrail are also available.

  • Straight or Curved Thrie Beam Guardrail
  • Connecting Part (W beam-thrie beam transition)

Features of Steel Thrie Beam Guardrail
1. It has a stronger construction structure and higher impact resistance compared to standard guardrails.
2. This three-wave guardrail has successfully passed impact tests with heavy trucks and shows its remarkable resistance against crashing forces.
3. It is a premium steel structure made of high quality material (Q235, Q345, etc.) and plated with quality anti-rust zinc or aluminum coating, enjoying long-term high resistance to corrosion and rust.

Applications of Steel Thrie Beam Guardrail
1. This thrie beam guardrail is highly cost effective and widely used as a physical barrier to prevent run-off road collisions, prevent pedestrians from walking across highways, and protect vehicles from skidding off roads, especially mountain roads and bridges.
2. It is often used as a barrier for transition to high speed roadways, bridges, etc.

Why Thrie Beam Guardrail?
1. No offset block required.
2. Higher durability and strength compared to W-beam guardrails.
3. Capable of absorbing high energy impact forces.
4. Able to redirect mobile equipment as fast as possible.

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