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Guardrail Post

Guardrail Post Determines the Barrier's Impact Performance

As a reliable highway safety product supplier, we provide quality guardrails and highway safety components to our customers. The guardrail post, as a holder of highway guardrails, generally determines the barrier's performance during collisions. The steel guardrail posts we supply are methodically designed and made of high quality materials, such as Q235, Q345, and Q255 quality steels. Additionally, it features a long service life due to its superior zinc or PVC coating which offer high resistance to rust and corrosion.

Available Types of Guardrail Posts
We provide galvanized guardrail posts with or without flange plates depending on your intended applications. Generally, the post without a flange plate is embedded in soft soil by post anchors. However, if you want to fix it in the concrete road, the post with the plate is your best choice: just fasten the post to the desired position with bolts.

Shapes of Guardrail Posts
  • C-shaped post
  • H shaped post
  • U-shaped post
  • Z shaped post
  • ∑ shaped post
  • Square shaped post
  • Round shaped post

Guardrail Post Specifications
Material: Q235, Q345, etc
Surface: hot dip galvanized or PVC coating
Zinc coating thickness: 550g/m2 - 1200g/m2 as your requirements
Length: 0.45m - 3m (the posts can be tailored depending on your requirements)
Thickness: 3mm - 6mm

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