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For W-beam Guardrails

Guardrail Terminal End

Guardrail Terminal End - Best Protection against Impact

Poorly designed guardrail terminal ends can lead to the penetration of errant vehicles, which can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, the design is very important for the reduction of damage to the vehicle and occupants. After a series of tests, our guardrail terminal ends, well-designed road safety products by our company, are proven to effectively minimize impacts and avoid vehicles from being speared by the terminal ends.

Specifications of Guardrail Terminal End
Surface: galvanized, aluminum coated, PVC coated
Color: any color is available (customized paintings are available)
Sizes: designed to match different sized rails that they will be connected to
Suitable for various types of posts

Application of Guardrail Terminal End
Bright colors are often painted on this guardrail component to warn drivers of the presence of the rail. It is also designed prevent the errant vehicles from being penetrated. So it is commonly installed alongside or amid the roadway as shown in the picture on the right.

Guardrail Terminal End Types
Types and applications of highway guardrails determine the shape and size of guardrail end terminals. After a survey of the installation materials, we supply five kinds of guardrail ends:

Type A

Commonly referred to as rounded terminal connectors or half-round buffers, this competitively priced guardrail end is widely used where head on collisions would not be very likely, such as the end of a downstream roadside. The guardrail end treatments are ideal for areas with high pedestrian traffic. It is featured with curved surfaces which help prevent injury and avoid clothing from being caught on an edge and torn.

Type B

Type B terminals also are known as fish tail end terminals, which are normally used as the terminal of W-beam or thrie-beam guardrails. These terminal ends provide rigid, straight protection for energy deflection during an impact. It is easy to install and can be modified for custom installations.

  • For W-beam Guardrails
  • For Thrie-beam Guardrails

Type C

Compared to the fishtail shaped guardrail end, this traffic barrier terminal features holes designed for convenient bolting. It could be applied to most structures, such as bridges, highway roll stations, etc.

  • For Thrie-beam guardrails
  • For W-beam Guardrails
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