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Wire Mesh Fence

Why use Mesh Fence?
Wire mesh fence is an ideal road safety product for locations requiring medium to high level security, to prevent vandalism or unauthorized entry, or where clear visibility may be required to monitor the surroundings (such as in a playground or school). As one of the most cost-effective fencing products available, it is quite suitable to set demarcations. Generally, most mesh systems come as a rigid panel system with integrated profiled-beams and necessary components.

Materials: low-carbon steel wire mesh: Q195, column:Q235;
Parameters: diameter of 4.5mm after dipped;
Customers' specification is available.

What Tongya Can Provide to You?
Our R&D team consists of experts in related fields and can offer you professional advice on the selection of metal fencing. Tongya supplies customers with various types of mesh fencing around the world. Our team of designers, project managers, and fitters can advise you on selecting the correct type of fencing solution to suit your requirements.

What Kind of Mesh Fence Can Tonya Supply?
There are numerous types of welded wire mesh fence on the market. Displayed below are mesh fences available for customers.

  • Workshop Fence
  • Highway Fence
  • Park Fence
  • Residential Fencing

Applications of Wire Mesh Fence
1. Mesh fencing for tennis courts
2. Fencing for playgrounds
3. Sports and recreation fencing
4. Security fencing for schools
5. Home and residential areas
6. Offices
7. Security mesh fencing for airports
8. Mesh fencing for industrial units
9. Warehousing
10. Construction sites.

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