Why Us

As the largest highway guardrails production base in Northern China, we provide over 120,000 tons of quality products annually. We account for nearly 15% of the total supply of guardrails in China. Based on our advanced CNC equipment for R&D and manufacturing, as well as the efforts of our staff, our products have received several authoritative certifications, such as the CE mark and ISO9001 certification. We have independently developed molds for crush barriers and can manufacture them depending on customer needs.

Manufacturing Equipment and Technologies
Since the beginning, Tongya has been adhering to the goal of providing premium highway safety products and services to satisfy customers. We have been relentlessly focusing on the quality of every single one of our products and each process is under strict quality control. We have two two-wave guardrail production lines and one three-wave guardrail production line which can complete such processes as uncoiling, leveling, punching, cutting, and roll forming, which are controlled automatically.

We have adopted a gas heated vertical aluminum-melting furnace in our production process. This melting furnace is noted for its high-precision temperature control, fast heating, high energy efficiency, and excellent plating performance, ensuring the quality plating of our Armco barriers and steel guardrail components.

Quality Inspection and Control System
All of our production processes are conducted in strict accordance with the standards set by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification. We promise to provide both premium products and satisfying services to our customers. We have a chemical physics laboratory, a laboratory for guardrail development, and a quality assurance office. Materials, parts, and finished guardrails are strictly inspected and tested. Only those that have passed multiple strict tests are delivered to customers.

Raw Materials Quality and Price
Based on our long cooperative relations with such leading steel makers in China, such as Shougang group, Anshan Iron & Steel Group Corporation, and Baotou Steel, we have significant economic benefits for raw materials that directly benefits our customers. All the raw materials we use are provided with quality certification and are subjected to further inspection and tests conducted by our staff. These two measures help ensure the premium quality and reliable performance of our products, making them an excellent choice.

Packaging and Logistics
We package our products according to customer requirements (bundling or Palietizing), simplifying the discharge process.

We have a large warehouse, capable of holding a large batch of products for delivery. Located in Liaocheng city, Shandong province, our company can deliver you purchases by air, sea, or land transport.

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